• A member of IPlab , Waseda univ.


  • Introduction

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    Who am i

    LIU BOYANG, M2 student in Waseda  IPS university. A member of IPlab. Graduated from Southeast University (2012-2016). Research on Human Computer Interaction.

    Role assignment

    Now i am in charge of website.As web people,i will help the number of IPLAB create their personal pages(strikingly) and wiki pages and maintain these websites.If you have problem with websites,please contact me.

  • Research

    Now, i am working for mobile payment system using AR technique with gamification factor introduced.It involve android,mysql database and unity 3d and programming languages like php for mysql,C# for unity and java for android will be used in my programming project.The payment system will be designed for small transactions.As we now,if using credit card or small change,sometimes it may not be allowed in some situations.So the purpose of this system is to use the point we get to deal with that kind of payment.If you are also interested in it,contact me.

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  • Hobbies

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    especially volleyball

    I love volleyball andI love pkay with my friends.It brought me happiness and honor.